HGTV wrote about on their blog

Posted on Feb 28, 2012

Mom will be proud, HGTV wrote about on their blog the other day. I think they found it from William Wilkinson’s post. They had some nice things to say.

Did you ever go to a theme park or a boardwalk and pose with your family for one of those old-timey photos? You know what I’m talking about, right? You dress up as cowboys and saloon gals or gangsters and flappers and you get a sepia-toned print of the photo? Well, has elevated this kind of thing to an art. Now, instead of being cowboys and saloon gals, you can be the Mona Lisa or Napoleon Bonaparte! And it’s not just photo magic — we’re talking hilarious hand-painted portraits here. You select a famous work from their gallery, send in a photo of yourself similar to the pose in the original and artists hand-paint your portrait and mail it to your door.

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